About Us

Tapasya Health Resort & Arogyam wellness is the most authentic healthcare center and franchise bringing traditional healing systems like Ayurveda, Yoga, and Naturopathy under one roof.

Our focus on wellness and illness care is undistinguished thus effectively maintaining, promoting and restoring the health of a large socio-economic segment. We have a dedicated team for research and development and highly experienced specialized doctors and skilled therapists and nursing staff.

We offer a wide range of classical, evidence-based and scientifically validated, customized, Ayurveda, Yoga, Naturopathy treatments for a broad range of illnesses and fitness care.

The traditional but luxury, close to nature ambiance of our centers provide the perfect backdrop for a range of treatments that leaves you rejuvenated and refreshed. We grow a variety of herbs and plants and are also associated with a GMP certified (by the government of India), Ayurvedic medicine manufacturing unit for best quality medicines exclusively for Tapasya Health.

Our Professional Team

Where Nature Meets Bliss

Dr. Amol Patil


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Dr. Ruchika Patil

International Yoga teacher and Medical Yoga Doctor

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Dr. Jitendra Digraje

B.N.Y.S. , M.D. (Accu) Consulting Naturopath

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Dr. Jayant Marpallikar

Doctor at Adamc

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Our Mentors

Vaidya. Tapankumar
Ahamadabad, Gujarat , India.

Vaidya Tapankumar is highly qualified traditional practitioner of Ayurvedic Medicine, Panch karma and Mantra therapy with 80 plus years of theoretical and practical knowledge of an Ayurveda practicing family. Successfully treating diverse general health problems and specialist in the treatment of Oncological (Cancer) and cardiovascular disorders. Proven ability in Panch Karma, spiritual and Mantra treatments with certification to conduct minor and major detoxification procedures of Ayurveda.

Pharmaceutical consultant with solid expertise in research and development. An international lecturer on the treatment of various topics such as the Management of Diabetes, Cancer Care, cardiac ailments and Stress Management using Ayurvedic medicine and Yoga philosophy including hypnosis.

Dr. Sameer Naik is a highly experienced and renoun Ayurveda doctor in the vicinity of northern Karnataka and western Maharashtra. He has developed unique techniques in the management of all types of Liver disorders, from simple hepatitis to hepatoma. Handling and successfully treating all sorts of chronic and critical cases of Liver and Digestive Disorders like Suchas Leucoclasticvasculitis, cirrhosis of liver, acute infective hepatitis, scleroderma, SLE, Inflammatory arthritis, different malignancies, chronic respiratory hypersensitivities, chronic GI problems and also Avascular Necrosis of Head of Femur etc.

Dr. Sameer N.Naik
M.D., Ph.D.
Ayurveda (Kayachikitsa)
Dr. Aniruddha Kulkarni
Miraj (Maharashtra)

Vaidya Aniruddha Kulkarni is very proficient and experienced Ayurveda physician, had ayurveda training by Guru shishya traditiona from Late Brihatrayeeratna Vaidyaraj Atmaram Waman Datarshastri of Sangli.

Having expertise in treating metabolic disorders like Diabetes, obesity and other metabolic disorders since long years. He has great skills of traditional way of diagnosis and preparation of medicines.

Dr. L.Mahadevan is a highly experienced and renowned practitioner, internationally acclaimed Ayurveda researcher and teacher. Having expertise especially in treating neurological disorders like paralysis, Parkinson’s, etc. He is a famous writer of Ayurveda.

He has great experience in treating various patients with Ayurveda and is a teaching faculty in the Department of Kayachikitsa for Postgraduate studies at Pankajakasthuri Ayurveda College, Kattakkada, Thiruvanathapuram, Kerala.

Dr. L. Mahadevan
M.D. – Ayurveda
Dersinamkopa (Kanyakumari) Tamil Nadu.