Pouring of warm medicated herbal decoction called Dhayamla all over the body from head to neck is called Dhanyamladhara. At first, the suitable body oil and head oil are applied and a gentle massage is done on the body. In some cases of extreme inflammation, even body massage and application of oil on the body and head may be avoided. Then the warm liquid will be poured all over the body with gentle strokes on the body. The liquid is again collected and warmed for further use. This is continued for 45 minutes and then the patient can take rest for a few minutes. If the condition is suitable a warm water bath can be given, otherwise the body will be wiped with a clean towel.

Mode of action 
Because of the acidic nature of the liquid, it helps for the absorption of the inflammation. The herbs present in the liquid are also having anti-inflammatory action, so it relieves the pain and inflammation.


  • Gout and other inflammatory arthritis
  • Rheumatic fever
  • Acute stages of hemiplegia
  • Inflammatory stages of other arthritis