Kashaya Vasthy is enema done with a combination of herbal decoction and other medicines. This is mostly to cleanse the intestines and to make the vata in balance. This is always done in combination with the snehavasthy and always before food. To prepare the solution for the kashayavasthy there are strict guidelines which should be followed properly for the better action of the treatment. The medicines prescribed should be mixed together in the given sequence and warmed slightly before introducing it. As in snehavasthy the patient’s stomach and back should be properly oleated and sweat by using water vapor. Then in his left lateral position, the medicine is introduced through the anus in constant pressure. As this is not meant for retaining inside, the patient can go to the toilet when he feels so. After the bowel movement and a hot water bath, he can take his food which altogether will relieve the discomforts he may feel after the enema.

Mode of action 
This procedure can expel the toxins collected in the intestines by means of preparations like snehana, swedana etc. The decoction present in the liquid makes it clean and the oil part in the solution prevents the drying of the intestinal secretions by the cleaning. Repeated use of enema with oil and decoction help to clean and restore the functions of the digestive system and thereby the functions of vata.


  • All vata diseases
  • Chronic rheumatisms
  • Other joint diseases
  • Various nervous disorders
  • Deep-rooted skin diseases
  • Diseases of the urinogenital system, gynecological diseases etc