Shirodhara using medicated milk is called ksheeradhara. Pure cow’s milk is medicated with herbs like sandal wood, camphor, vetiver roots etc. This is flown on the forehead of the person after a gentle massage on the body and oil application on the head. The temperature of the milk is made lukewarm in the beginning and then maintained at room temperature throughout the process. Along with the dhara, a gentle massage on the body is also done throughout the 45 minutes. After that, the head of the person is wiped well and the patient is allowed to take rest for a few minutes. Then hot water is used for body bath and lukewarm medicated water is used for the head.

Mode of action 
The medicaments applied on the head get absorbed through the scalp and hair follicles. These medicines will act on the body and head according to the disease condition. The gentle movement of the flow on the forehead helps for relaxation and imparts good sleep.


  • For all types of pitha diseases
  • For headaches and insomnia
  • For mental stress and anxiety

To improve memory and concentration