Medicated Milk Bath

This is a medicated form of royal bath practiced by Cleopatra. For this pure cows, milk is medicated with herbs which are good to improve beauty and complexion. The person has to lie down in this lukewarm medicated milk for about one hour after an aromatic steam bath with a face mask using saffron and goat’s milk. This is prescribed in ayurvedic texts as a rejuvenating treatment for convalescence. This improves complexion, softens the skin, and moisturizes it.

Mode of action 
The aromatic steam bath makes the skin pores open and softens the skin. Entering into the milk bath after the steam bath means it will enhance the absorption of the medicaments through the open skin pores. The medicated milk softens the skin and the warm milk cleanses the skin from the dead skin and other blemishes. The saffron and goats milk mask on the face will be more invigorating the face skin.


  • In disease convalescence
  • A well-known beauty treatment
  • To treat some of the skin disease etc