Literally means introducing medicaments through the nose. This is the best method of cleansing for the head and it cleanses all the organs above the neck. As the head is the main seat of Kapha, it is the prime treatment for Kapha. For this also suitable preparations are done depending on the condition and the strength of the patient. Nasyam will be done while the patient lying on his back on a comfortable table with a stretched neck. Then his face and neck are thoroughly oleated and sweat by water vapor before putting the drops in.

Mode of action 
The medicine applied to the nostrils irritates the mucosa of the nose and the Para­- nasal sinuses. This stimulates the secretion of the collected doshas and mucus. The effect of the medicines absorbed through the circulation helps to heal and nourish the structures above the neck. In Ayurveda the head of the body is considered as the root of a tree. So any medication giving to the head will be effective for the body also.


  • All diseases of the nose and Para-nasal sinuses
  • All diseases of the head and neck
  • All diseases of the hair and scalp
  • All diseases of the brain and spinal cord etc