Navarakizhi or Shashtikapindaswedam is a type of bundle massage in which the bags are filled with cooked Navara rice. Navara is a special type of rice with medicinal properties. This is cooked in a mixture of a herbal decoction and cow’s milk till it gets tender. Then it is made into bags in cotton cloths and warmed in the same mixture of herbal decoction and cows milk throughout the treatment. This is a rather soft massage and the bags are applied in a circular fashion and long strokes on the body, especially on the joints. This is usually done by 3 persons and for 45 minutes. After the massage the patient is allowed to take rest for a few minutes and later a hot water bath is given.

Mode of action 
The application of the nourishing and warm bags on the body improves the blood circulation and thereby enables the absorption of the medicaments through the blood and lymphatic circulation. The warmth of the bundles relieves the joint pain and stiffness. The mixture of herbs and milk nourishes the skin and underlying structures.


  • All types of nervous degeneration
  • Numbness and burning sensation on the body
  • General weakness
  • Muscle wasting
  • Stroke etc