Other Treatments

  1. Anjanam 
    Application of herbal kajal for cleaning the eyes, cooling the eyes and to clear the vision.
  2. Aschyothanam
    Application of eye drops for various eye diseases, to clear the vision.
  3. Back massage  
    Massaging the upper or lower back with suitable medicated oils to relieve aches and pains and eases the tensed muscles
  4. Dhoomapanam
    Inhalation of medicinal fumes in sinusitis, chronic head ache etc.
  5. Dhoopanam
    Fumigation of the hair and scalp/body using herbal fumes for fragrance, fungal infections, head louse etc.
  6. Floral head pack 
    Packing the hair and scalp with flowers for fragrance and against head louse and knits.
  7. Gandoosham
    Filling the mouth with suitable decoctions or oil to clear the mouth, strengthen the teeth and gums, relieves tooth ache.
  8. Gharshanam
    Rubbing the affected area using a suitable material to reduce hardness of the skin in chronic skin diseases.
  9. Henna 
    Application of henna on scalp and hair for coloring, conditioning and against hair fall, dandruff etc.
  10. Kabalam 
    Gargling with medicated oil or herbal decoction to clear the mouth, to strengthen the teeth and gums.
  11. Karna Pooranam 
    Filling the ears with suitable medicated oil and gentle massage around the ears in ear aches, dryness of ears, itching in the ears etc.
  12. Mukhabhyangam 
    Ayurvedic face and neck massage using medicated oils or other liquids for cleansing and refreshing the skin. It gives special glow to the skin.
  13. Mukhalepam 
    Ayurvedic face packs using herbal or fruit mixtures for various purposes like cleansing, toning, moisturizing, antiwrinkle, refreshing etc.
  14. Naleeswedam
    Steaming a specific body part using medicated vapor in cold, heaviness of the head, sinusitis, before nasyam etc.
  15. Nethra Dhara 
    Cleaning the eyes with herbal decoction for cleaning, cooling and refreshing the eyes.
  16. Nethralepam 
    Application of herbal packs around the eyes for dark circles around the eyes and cooling to the eyes.
  17. Padabhyangam 
    Massaging hands and feet with medicated oils or other liquids for cleansing, softening and against cracks.
  18. Padalepam 
    Application of herbal pastes on hands and feet for cleansing, softening and against cracks.
  19. Pada Prakshalanam 
    Hand and foot bath with gentle massage using herbal liquids for cleansing, moisturizing and softening.
  20. Pratheesaranam
    Application of herbal pastes inside the mouth in tonsillitis, for heaviness of the tongue.
  21. Shoulder and Neck Massage 
    Massaging the neck and shoulders using medicated oils to relieve aches and pains, eases the tensed muscles.
  22. Sirobhyangam
    Ayurvedic head massage using medicated oils in sleeplessness, hair fall, dandruff, head ache and for relaxation.
  23. Sirolepam
    Application of herbal paste over the scalp and hair against hair fall, dandruff, sinusitis and for conditioning and coloring the hair.
  24. Thapaswedam 
    Application of heat on the affected parts using warm bricks etc. For localized pain and inflammation in calcaneal spur etc

Ahar Vihar –

  1. Ahar (Diet Management) – Depending on the body constitution, disease specifications, atmospheric conditions (Season), homologous habits suitable diet is decided.
  2. Vihar – Ayurveda has elaborately mentioned about dinacharya I.e. Daily regimen and Rutucharya i.e. seasonal regimen to follow a healthy lifestyle to maintain fitness in all seasons for long life.