Pouring of warm medicated oil all over the body is called pizhichil. Depending on the condition of the disease the oil for pizhichil can be selected. At first, suitable oil for the body and head are applied and a gentle massage is done on the body. Then the warm oil is poured all over the body from neck to feet using special earthen pots. The oil is collected and warmed to use again. After that all the oil will be wiped from the body and the patient is allowed to take rest for a few minutes and later a hot water bath is given. During this treatment, the movements of the patient will be restricted in order to give maximum rest to the body and to help for the process of healing.

Mode of action 
Pouring of the warm oil all over the body make the peripheral nerves soothe and increase the blood circulation. Thereby absorption of the medicaments will be enhanced and the herbs act on the target organs. The warmth of the oil relieves the pain and stiffness of the joints and mobilizes it.


  • For all types of degenerative joint diseases
  • For all nervous disorders
  • Diseases of the spine and vertebrae
  • Chronic rheumatisms etc