Rakthamokshum or bloodletting is very effective in some diseases which the blood impurities are the main reasons for the disease. Various methods are used for this purpose for e.g. using leech, by venesection, through shallow wounds, etc. The appropriate method can be selected according to the disease either localized or generalized, the dominance of vata, pitha and Kapha etc. This panchakarma is selected for a cure in cases in which all the other treatments found ineffective.

Mode of action
According to ayurvedic principles toxins and vitiated doshas which cause diseases can be made expel by means of internal and external oleation and sweating. Removal of these toxins through the nearest body opening makes the body clean and relieves the diseases also. But in some diseases, these methods of cleaning will not be so effective and in those cases, we have to go for purification of blood also. By the different methods of bloodletting in Ayurveda, the quantity of blood removed should be minimum without disturbing the normal functioning of the body and at the same time cleaning the body also.