Internal administration of medicated oil or ghee in larger doses is called snehapanam. This is one of the preparations for panchakarma therapy. The dose of the oil or ghee will be increased daily depending on the digestive capacity of the person. During this treatment, the food and daily routine of the patient will be highly restricted.

Mode of action 
Depending on the herbs present in the ghee or oil, it will be absorbed to the specific body parts for its action. The oil or ghee will get penetrated into every tissue and the toxins in those tissues will be united with the fat molecule. This will release the bonds of the toxins with the tissues. With the help of proper sweating after the snehapanam, the toxins will be liquefied and lead to the nearest channels.


  • In all chronic diseases like skin diseases, digestive disorders, nervous and muscular disorders, degenerative diseases etc.
  • As a preparation for every panchakarma.

In stronger diseases and stronger persons