Snehavasthy is enema done with oil alone or a combination of oil and other medicines. This is mainly for nourishing the lower digestive tract and to lead the vata in its normal path. This can be done alone or in combination with kashayavasthy. Snehavasthy is usually done after food, this is to prevent the upward movement of the oil into the stomach. For that, the patient should be prepared by snehana, swedana, vamana, virechana, etc. according to the condition. Then after a major meal, the person is laid on a comfortable table in his left lateral position and his abdomen and the hip region are oleated and sweat well with steam. Then the suitable amount of oil is warmed and filled in a syringe and introduced gently through the anus and pushed in with constant pressure. After that, he can lay on his back and some movements of the legs are done to keep the oil in the intestines for the maximum time. Usually, the oil will come out after 1-2 hours. If the oil is not coming out also there is nothing to worry.

Mode of action 
The medicated oil will get bonded with the waste materials in the intestine and also nourish those parts by the action of the sesame oil. The toxins will be easily removable after the proper preparations like snehana and swedana. By the action of the oil, it alleviates the imbalance of the Apana Vayu(the component of vata that is responsible for the functions like urination, defecation, menstruation, etc.). And once vata is under control all the other doshas will be also in normal condition. The oil makes the intestines smooth and easy for movements.


  • All vata diseases
  • All diseases of the vertebrae and spine
  • All gynecological disorders
  • Chronic rheumatisms etc