This is a method of head packing in which the hair and the scalp will be covered with suitable herbal pastes depending on the condition. At first, suitable oil for the head will be applied on the scalp and hair and then the paste. On top of the paste, a tender banana leaf will be tied to cool the head and to prevent drying of the paste. After a specific period of time, the paste will be removed and the head will be washed. At the same time, suitable oil on the body can be applied to sit for 45 minutes until the paste is kept on the head. The commonly used paste contains dried gooseberry pulp made into a paste with medicated buttermilk. Depending on the condition other herbs can be also added.

Mode of action
The pack imparts a little heat on the scalp and thereby giving a sweating effect to the scalp. This improves the blood circulation on the scalp and helps to absorb the active ingredients present in the herbs. These stimulate the peripheral nerve endings and others get absorbed through the hair follicles.


  • In mental stress and anxiety
  • In sleeping disorders
  • Dandruff and loss of hair
  • Chronic headache and sinusitis
  • In degenerative diseases of the cranial nerves et