This is an eye treatment to nourish and correct the diseases of the eyes. The procedure includes collecting well melted and strained medicated ghee over the eyes. For this purpose, a boundary is made around the eyes using black gram paste. This is a very powerful treatment to rejuvenate the eyes and also for the cure of the diseases of the eyes.

Mode of action 
The ghee, in general, has a specific property to carry the qualities of the herbs used for medicating the ghee to the corresponding organs easily. Because of the pitha dominance of the eyes, ghee will be the best medicine for eye diseases. The active ingredients of the ghee will be absorbed through the structures of the eyes and it stimulates the ophthalmic area of the brain and the optic nerve.


  • Refractive errors of the eyes
  • Degenerative diseases of the eyes and the optic nerve
  • Diseases due to overuse of the eyes
  • Damages of the eyes