Vamanam means medically induced vomiting which cleans the upper respiratory tract and upper digestive tract. This is mainly done in conditions in which kapha or doshas in relation with kapha is an imbalance. Proper preparations will be done before the procedure in which snehana and swedana are the main ones. Compared with the normal vomiting this process will clean the excessive doshas and the toxins collected in the systems. After the preparations the patient has to take the medicine in the morning- the kapha kala (the time of aggravated kapha) – between 6-10am in a medium of milk with honey and rock salt. For this procedure, the patient will be seated in a comfortable chair to support his back. After the process of vomiting the person will be given some medicated fume inhalations etc. The activities and the food of the person will highly be restricted on the day.

Mode of action
The supporting medicines to the actual vomiting drug start its action before digesting it only. This irritates the mucosa in the stomach to secrete the digestive juices in large quantities and thereby stimulating the vomiting center in the brain. This will result in the antiperistaltic movements and expel the excess digestive juices with pressure. With the loss of the medicine through the vomitus, the strength of the medicine will be deteriorating and thereby stop the movements naturally.


  • Indicated in all kapha diseases
  • Kapha dominant skin diseases like leukoderma
  • Asthma and related conditions of the respiratory system
  • In kapha dominant mental diseases etc